“Be Still & Know” – Julie Swensen, LCSW

Feb 7, 2024

“Be Still and Know:” Understanding Perfectionism from the Inside Out. Do you ever wonder why your brain does what it does? The human brain is powerful as it constantly works to help us learn and grow through life. Our brain prioritizes our innate need for physical and relational safety. In this presentation you will gain a greater appreciation and understanding as to how these innate drives also have the potential to limit our ability to choose. Perfectionism is not the problem, it is a symptom that can create future concerns when left unaddressed. You will also learn how to utilize the power of faith to work with some of the greatest gifts we all possess: body, brain, mind and divine identity. Julie Swensen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is an owner of Peak Mental Health and the clinical director of Paz Wellness in Logan UT. Prior to moving into private practice, in 2015, she worked in the acute hospital setting, as well as, working with individuals and their family in the home health / hospice setting. Julie specializes in treating the multitude of ways anxiety, depression and trauma manifest in life, as well as, helping people navigate their ADHD. Julie is a proud Aggie and USU graduate. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in social work in 2000 and her Master’s degree in 2010. In her downtime Julie can be found spending time with her amazing family, enjoying the great outdoors, studying mental health, eating chips and salsa and sitting in her massage chair.

hearing the unheard

“Hearing the Unheard” is a podcast featuring individuals who have faced challenging life circumstances. Through candid storytelling, guests are vulnerable as they share their experiences, offering insights into their journeys, overcoming obstacles, the role of faith, resilience, and valuable life lessons learned.