Codi Jones: I Found the Real Me

Jul 1, 2024

Join Eric Stauffer and Codi Jones in the latest episode of Hearing the Unheard.

From a young age, Codi thrived in dance, cheer, and gymnastics, but the pressure to maintain a certain appearance took a toll on her mental health. Discover how Codi’s life took a dramatic turn when she was kicked off the cheer team, leading to self-harm and severe eating disorders.

Despite having a loving support system, Codi kept her struggles hidden, fearing judgment and rejection. Join us as Codi shares her raw and honest story of hitting rock bottom in college, culminating in a life-changing moment of desperation. Learn how she found the courage to seek help and embrace the love and support around her.

Today, as a dedicated mom, Codi is on a mission to ensure her children understand the importance of expressing their feelings and seeking help when needed. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of support and love. Tune in to hear Codi’s inspiring journey from darkness to light, and be reminded that it’s okay to not be okay. With bravery and support, we can all find our way through tough times.

hearing the unheard

“Hearing the Unheard” is a podcast featuring individuals who have faced challenging life circumstances. Through candid storytelling, guests are vulnerable as they share their experiences, offering insights into their journeys, overcoming obstacles, the role of faith, resilience, and valuable life lessons learned.