Founders Session: Clair Canfield

May 20, 2024

Introducing: Founders Sessions! Welcome to Founders Sessions, a series where Paz Wellness co-founders Ryan Stolworthy and Esterlee Molyneux delve deep into the intersection of faith and mental health. Join us as we bring you insightful interviews with speakers from last year’s Faith Summit on Mental Health.

In this week’s episode, join us for an informative conversation with Clair Canfield about conflict and forgiveness.

Clair Canfield founded Canfield Conflict & Collaboration Consulting and has been teaching, training, and consulting for over 22 years. He has been at Utah State University for 9 years and is a senior lecturer in the Communication Studies and Philosophy department.  During his time as an undergraduate at Weber State University, he began to explore communication studies courses to try and find new ways of dealing with his conflicts rather than just trying to avoid them. He also felt a call towards teaching so after graduation he taught as an adjunct for two years before going back to school for his Masters Degree. He attended the University of Montana where he continued exploring his interest in topics related to communication and conflict such as the forgiveness process. While pursuing a doctoral degree from the University of Utah, Clair also completed a graduate certificate program in conflict resolution.


Clair is passionate about the possibilities that the forgiveness process has to help us deal with the damage that can sometimes come from unhealthy conflict. The idea of forgiveness is central to many faith traditions. However, when it comes to knowing how to forgive, many of us have barriers because of common misunderstandings and myths surrounding forgiveness.

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