Founders Session: Jane Clayson Johnson

Jul 1, 2024

Check out our podcast episode this week featuring  Jane Clayson Johnson! Jane Clayson Johnson was a speaker at our Faith  Summit on Mental Health last year.


Check out our  website for more information on this year’s summit!


Founders Sessions: a series where Paz Wellness  co-founders Ryan Stolworthy and Esterlee Molyneux  delve deep into the intersection of faith and mental  health. Join us as we bring you insightful interviews  with speakers from last year’s Faith Summit on Mental  Health.

A little information about Jane Clayson Johnson:


An Emmy award-winning journalist, and author. You  can hear her regularly on National Public Radio,  hosting the nationally syndicated news program, Here  & Now. She has been a host at WBUR in Boston for the last 18 years. Before that, she hosted the network  morning program in New York City at CBS News. Prior  to her work at CBS, she was a network correspondent  at ABC News, based in Los Angeles.


Jane is the author of two, best-selling books. Her first  book, I Am a Mother, chronicles her decision to leave  network news to have a family. Jane’s second book  Silent Souls Weeping is a candid look inside the  core-shaking world of clinical depression. She  interviewed scores of Latter-day Saints in an effort to  open a dialogue within faith communities and to  promote a new level of honesty, authenticity, and hope  for those who suffer from mental illness.


Jane has also traveled the country and the world  interviewing presidents, world leaders, scientists,  authors, and stars from Hollywood and Broadway. She  covered the NATO airstrikes in Kosovo and the refugee crisis in Macedonia, the fall of the Suharto  government in Indonesia, and several presidential  campaigns. Jane started her career at KSL Television  in Salt Lake City and is a graduate of Brigham Young  University.

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