Kristi Smith: The Joy Overshadows the Pain

Jul 8, 2024

Join Eric Stauffer and Kristi Smith in the latest episode of Hearing the Unheard.

Kristi Smith is a Cache Valley native who has called this place home for her entire life. Married to her best friend, Robert, for over 40 years, she is the proud mother of three children and grandmother to five.

Kristi’s journey takes a poignant turn when she shares the heart-wrenching battle her family faced with her son Tanner’s illness. Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the fight was far from over when a secondary cancer, AML leukemia, developed as a result of his treatment. This emotional rollercoaster tested the limits of their faith and the strength of their community’s support. Kristi opens up about the pain, the fear, and the unyielding love that carried them through the darkest days.

Despite the immense loss, Kristi story is not one of despair but of hope and renewal. She speaks candidly about the process of healing, the importance of faith, and the profound impact of community during times of grief.

Her story is a powerful reminder that even in the face of unimaginable loss, there is light and hope. Her journey from darkness to a place of peace and acceptance is both heartbreaking and inspiring. As she shares her experiences, reflect on the strength found in vulnerability and the transformative power of love and support.

Tune in to “Hearing the Unheard Stories of Transformation” to be moved by Kristi’s story and to find comfort in the knowledge that we are not alone. With bravery and support, we can all find our way through the toughest times.

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