The Rise of Gaming & Social Media – Terryl Warner, PhD

Feb 7, 2024

The Rise of Gaming & Social Media: Leading to an Increase of Family Issues – Terryl Warner, PhD – Utah Faith Summit 2023 – Paz Wellness How does gaming and social media affect your mental health and the mental health of your family? Social media and gaming have become prominent features in our lives and this presentation takes a look at how gaming and social media may have adverse effects on families. We review warning signs and provide suggestions to identify problematic use and what we can do about it. Terryl Warner is the Director of Victim Services Programs at the Cache County Attorney’s Office in Logan, Utah. After graduating from USC, Terryl served an LDS mission to Costa Rica. She and her husband Alan moved to Cache Valley as he pursued his education at Utah State University and they raised their four kids in Hyrum. Terryl has a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Trauma and Grief. As a crisis victim advocate for more than a quarter of a century, Terryl helps children, adults and families who are experiencing trauma; she makes sure they understand the legal system and that their voices are heard throughout the process. From fatalities and child abuse to domestic violence and sexual assault, Terryl has worked on a myriad of cases involving victims of crime. She has been on Oprah, Good Morning America and is featured in Pulitzer Prize winner Matt Richtel’s book, “A Deadly Wandering” – a book about Terryl’s pursuit of justice in a fatal texting and driving crash where two rocket scientists were killed on SR 30, Terryl is passionate about helping victims of crime in their darkest hours. Terryl worked with President Barack Obama’s staff to pass a “No Texting and Driving” policy for all people who work under federal programs and grants. Every agency in the country that receives federal funds must sign this policy that their staff will not text and drive. When she isn’t working, Terryl spends time trail running with her dogs in Blacksmith Fork Canyon, traveling with her husband and kids, and scuba diving.

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