Untangling Addiction in Youth Populations – Tom Roskos, PhD

Feb 7, 2024


An enlightening exploration into the murky world of addiction among children and adolescents, this presentation will review current theories of addiction and find what they can teach us about motivation and behavior. He will examine the social, biological and emotional conditions that create addiction but can also engender resilience. He will also teach how to be helpful and avoid missteps addressing and treating addictions in young people. Dr. Tom Roskos is a licensed psychologist passionate about community mental health and helping people in rural areas. Dr. Roskos has experience treating a broad range of mental health issues across the lifespan, with a strong focus on maternal, infant, child and adolescent challenges. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master’s degree and doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Dakota. He has worked in therapeutic wilderness programs, college counseling centers, and a residential center targeting eating disorders, and currently works at Bear River Mental Health in Logan. He enjoys making yummy food for his family from things he hunts, catches, and forages.

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