Missionary Wellness Center

Missionary Care

This unique combination of professional mental health skills training integrated with teachings from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will empower you to fortify your spiritual and emotional foundation.

youth care

Youth Care

A caring environment for youth to learn, and practice, mental wellness strategies that will serve them for a lifetime.

Self care

Self-Care & Self Improvement

Take deliberate actions to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Increase your knowledge, skills, and abilities as you intentionally learn, grow, overcome, and progress. Mental fitness at its finest!

relationship care

Relationship Care

Are you ready to develop, nurture, or strengthen your personal connections and experience more fulfilling relationships with loved ones? Whether it be your spouse, partner, family member, neighbor, friend, or coworkers, we are here to help you strengthen your relationships through empathy, problem solving, communication, and more.

family care

Family Care

Education, emotional support, empathy, and guidance in navigating the challenges of family life. Whether it be support with your young children, teens, elderly parents, immediate or extended family, join us to learn invaluable tips, tools, and techniques for strengthening the bonds within your family.



Tune in weekly for our 10-minute podcast. You will receive inspired, concentrated morsels of wisdom to help you find peace within. Leading experts, professionals, faith leaders, community members and others will share poignant experiences and stories that will uplift, fortify, and provide ways to pause for peace.

corporate care

Corporate Care

Show your company’s care and commitment for your employees’ mental health and well-being through our Corporate Care program. Enhance work-life balance, create safe spaces for open communication, decrease tension, manage stress, provide access to medical consultations, and other targeted, educational resources while fostering a healthy and thriving environment.

medical care

Medical Care

Connect with our team of medical professionals to discuss your mental health needs from a medical, physical, and emotional perspective. Services may include gathering an overall health history, conducting a physical examination, discussing wellness patterns, reviewing medications, referring and/or coordinating with primary care providers, performing lab work, interpreting results, etc.

Utah faith summit on mental health

Utah Faith Summit℠

This annual summit will train faith leaders, and those in the faith community – from all denominations – how to best respond to members in their congregation with mental health concerns and challenges. Click the button below for more info about the 2023 Summit.