Workshops, Seminars, & Retreats

Our seminars and retreats are topic-focused, and will support your personal growth, healing, and discovery. This supportive, respectful, and safe environment will allow for teaching, discussion, personal reflection, and application of wellness principles while incorporating spirituality. Many of the skills learned would traditionally be covered in individual therapy sessions, making these meaningful experiences a fraction of the cost.

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Preparing to Serve: A Mental Wellness Approach for Pre-Missionaries (For high school seniors & older)

Providing a catered curriculum designed specifically to assist in mission preparation by implementing sound mental wellness principles and practices in harmony with foundational and accurate Latter-Day Saint doctrine and teachings. We pair a clinical mental health counselor with a religious educator to ensure that you are receiving the best instruction available for those needing such care. Could aid in helping qualify certain individuals for proselytizing missions. Case scenarios that missionaries typically encounter in reference to mental health will be illustrated during the teaching process.

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Staying on the Covenant Path: A Mental Wellness Approach for the Returned Missionary (Any length or type of service)

Struggling to feel connected, grounded, and at peace while adjusting to being home from serving a mission? Join us for a very unique workshop, designed specifically to empower RM’s to stay on the Covenant Path and strengthen their faith in Christ, while implementing sound mental wellness principles and practices from a licensed clinical social-worker and a religious educator. Make connections with other RM’s experiencing similar feelings. Find hope and peace on your path ahead.

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Senior Couple Missionaries

Serving our Heavenly Father as a senior missionary couple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints* is an experience filled with a variety of emotions! We are here to provide mental health education and support while using Christ as our foundation. You will learn how to manage your emotions, how to support your family emotionally from a distance, as well as learning practical, hands on tips and strategies for working with other missionaries (youth missionaries or other senior couples).

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Families of Missionaries

How do you best love and support your loved one while they are serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when you live so far apart? This interactive course explores how to encourage your missionary when they are struggling, while allowing them the agency and opportunity for growth. Also explored will be how to navigate the changes in your family, and honoring your feelings. Perfectionism, scrupulosity, grace, and vulnerability will also be discussed. Come share, learn, and listen to others having similar experiences.

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* Paz Wellness and the Missionary Wellness Center are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.