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medical consultation

The medical effort at Paz Wellness is designed to help you meet your mental, emotional, and physical wellness goals. We will work closely with your primary care provider as a consultant and expert for your personal wellness.

Services may include:

  • A history and physical exam
  • Discuss wellness patterns in your life
  • Review medications
  • Coordinate medication and ongoing care with your primary care provider

Our medical team of professionals will work in conjunction with your primary care provider to see what medications, if any, are effective for you. Medications can possibly be discontinued with proper therapy and under the advice of your primary care provider.

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What is Paz Wellness?

Spirituality and Faith

Our goal is to help people on their mental health journey by understanding that spirituality and faith play a big role in giving hope during healing. We know that trusting in God or a higher power can improve someone’s well-being and make life better. We urge our clients to explore, remember, or find meaning by connecting with their faith and spirituality.

Practical and Affordable Mental Health
We aim to accomplish this through the treatment and prevention of anxiety and depression by incorporating spirituality, psychoeducation and coping skills in a class or group setting. This approach reduces cost for the client and taps into the evidence-based benefits of shared group experiences. When indicated, we also provide individual therapy. We believe in the combination of neuroscience, spirituality, therapy, medical care, education, mindful movement, and connection. We strive to provide options for individuals and families who are needing help but are struggling to find it due to waitlists or insurance barriers.

Services for All

Paz Wellness welcomes clients of all religions, spiritual beliefs, cultures, abilities, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, and immigration status. We provide care for all who are seeking help and looking for evidence-based assistance. We strive to promote spiritual-based and strengths-based treatment for all.
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Our Mission

Treating and preventing anxiety, depression, and harmful habits through a combination of neuroscience, spirituality, therapy, medical care, education, mindful movement, and connection.

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