Bridges Therapy Group

Weekly, open ended group therapy

Bridges Therapy Group

Bridges Therapy Group®

Weekly, open-ended group therapy with the goal of providing an environment of safety,
belonging, and support for adults (18 and older) experiencing emotional trauma, anxiety and/or depression. Examples may include the death of a loved one, difficulties in close relationships, accidents or health issues in close relationships, being impacted by choices of others in a negative way, infidelity, etc. Objectives of each group may include:

  • Learning effective coping skills
  • Challenging thoughts and beliefs
  • Gaining personal insight
  • Making behavioral changes

To determine eligibility and availability, potential group members must go through an online
screening process and registration before attending. The group leader will contact you to let you know if this group would be the best support for your current concerns. Group members may be different from week to week.

Bridges for Youth therapy group

Youth Bridges Therapy Group®

Skills based, group therapy for 14-17 year olds focused on reducing feelings of anxiety and depression that may lead to harmful habits (excess time on screens, perfectionism, isolating self from others, worrying, etc.). Every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 p.m.